Monthly Happiness Report: Penny Unplugs The WiFi And Plugs Into Good Living — May 2017

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Hey Rich,

The weather is getting nicer here in Minnesota, so I’m finding it hard to be inside, and getting on the computer. You may have noticed I’m slow to respond to your emails lately. I’ve actually been trying to be on the computer less and less lately, no matter what the weather. I don’t want my kids to see me staring at a computer (or a phone) like a zombie. I’ve finally broken my addiction to Facebook, and now I only check it for a short amount of time instead of scrolling through it mindlessly. I’ll unplug our wifi connection, and only turn it on intentionally we need to use it for something. And oftentimes, when I need to check email or write something for this website or something, I’ll do it at the library. I like this arrangement. Doesn’t make me feel like such a slave to technology anymore.

I can’t believe I used to work at a job where I would stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day (back when I worked as a graphic designer for that printing company). I can’t even imagine doing that now. I had a photoshoot last weekend, which I don’t mind doing, but when it comes time to sitting down at the computer to edit the photos, it just drives me crazy.

How do you do it? Don’t you want to move around and get outside whenever you want to? Do you miss having that kind of freedom?

I feel like I’m finally back in the swing of feeling my normal level of happiness. For this month, I’ll rate it a:

4.5 out of 5!

After a rocky start at the beginning of the year, I feel like I’m hitting my stride again.

I like what you had to say about how the good life is more about maintenance than radical change. I used to spend life thinking about how I would be happier once the next big thing happened.

Like, oh, I’ll be happier once I graduate from high school and move out of this small town. Or, I’ll be happier once I get married. Or, I’ll be happier if we move somewhere totally new. I’ve long ago stopped thinking like that (thank goodness), but it does point to the truth of when you said: “I think there’s a human tendency to think that if one could just do something radically different, one would be happier.” You hit something there, with that observation, and I can attest to that.

But, you’re right, the good life really is more about maintenance than radical change. So, I will continue to maintain my limited use of technology, my time outside, my reading books, and sharing my life with family and friends… because that makes me happy.



7 Replies to “Monthly Happiness Report: Penny Unplugs The WiFi And Plugs Into Good Living — May 2017”

  1. “the good life really is more about maintenance than radical change”

    I particularly resonate with this quote this month. I have personally experienced radical change and it has definitely hit my happiness score this year.

    But as they say “you can’t have the sweet with out the bitter.” I think we all need a bit of contrast from time to time, otherwise we have not context in which to gauge our own happiness.

    I also think it’s important that how you get to a 4.5 today, can and will likely evolve over time.

    The good news is life should be shifting back into more of a maintenance mode (i.e. I get to get back into more of my chosen routine vs. the chaos I have dealt with so far in 2017).

    I wouldn’t have changed anything, I knowingly disrupted my life to help my brothers (one more than the other), help a friend, and taken on a huge new title at work.

    As I remind my wife during these trying, challenging, and uncomfortable times, imagine the person you become in the process. We will rise happier (with new context) and more resilient than we were before the chaos.

    I appreciate these posts very much, keep up the great work. The dynamic between the two of you is very engaging.
    Dominic @ Gen Y Finance Guy recently posted…From the Mailbag #2 – I Want More, Can You Help?My Profile

    1. That’s awesome. I made the switch from flip phone to Smartphone because it was cheaper (through Republic Wireless). If it wasn’t for that, we’d be using a more basic phone as well. I’m with you on the books as well. I’ve never used a Kindle and I prefer holding and reading a physical book anyway.

      Thankfully, Rich does most of the heavy lifting on this site. I just send him my post, and he does everything else with it. (As well as staying involved with other people’s blogs, and some of the marketing stuff.) So, thank goodness for Rich, otherwise this blog wouldn’t even exist.
      Penny @ recently posted…Monthly Happiness Report: Penny Unplugs The WiFi And Plugs Into Good Living — May 2017My Profile

      1. I can’t do kindle lately either, I need the paper. And Facebook, for me, has turned into a place where a few of my acquaintances post news stories. Guess what, people? I can read my own newspaper.

        Anywho, I should mention, Penny, that not all jobs are as restrictive as you’re thinking of. Not all require sitting inside in a cubicle all day staring at a screen. For example, I can go to meetings and stare at other people, or I can look out the window. Just joking around but you know what I mean.
        Rich @ recently posted…Rich’s Financial Origin Story: From Farm Boy To Theology Student To High Income ProfessionalMy Profile

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