Monthly Happiness Report: Penny Is Generally Happy. Is That Boring? — August 2017

Dear Rich,

Well, between me being on my technology-free(ish) summer and you being on vacation, we’re not getting much blog writing done. But we’re both happy, so that’s a good thing!

Speaking of which, I was wondering about our happiness ratings. Seems to me that you’re always rating things high, even though certain areas might have their challenges. Like you gave your health a perfect 5 last month, even though: “Mentally / spiritually, not a perfect month but I think I’m developing better tools to deal with my flaws.” And the month before you gave your family relationships a perfect 5, even though, as you said about you’re high energy boys and summer camp: “So, we’ve been anxious. And you know what? They’ve been absolutely normal — their normal, high energy, difficult selves. For a few days, it impacted my happiness.”

Now, that is perfectly fine and everything, given your wider view of what happiness is and all, but don’t you think that makes this rating system a little bit meaningless? And my ratings aren’t much better. After a rough start to the year, I’ve settled into my normal setting of happiness. Again, this month, it is a 4.5 out of 5 smiley faces.

Our rating system is getting a bit boring and routine, don’t you think?

I’ve still been enjoying my limited technology summer. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on technology more and posting more in September. Plus, I do have programs that I’ll want to stream (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Supernatural).

I’m not really much of a podcast listener. I made a deal with my friend a couple of months ago. If she would finish watching the last six episodes of Mad Men (which she was dragging her feet on because she didn’t want to believe it was over), I would listen to this podcast called Last Podcast on the Left that she was raving about (specifically, their one on Scientology). So, I listened to that podcast, and it was torture. I couldn’t stand just sitting there listening. Maybe it would have helped if I would have been doing something else while listening (like driving or housework or whatever). Plus, I’ve actually read a lot about Scientology already, so all the information I was hearing was stuff that I already knew, and I don’t enjoy hearing stuff that I already know about.

So, that was my one foray in listening to a podcast. I don’t think I’m much of an audio learner.

I have watched a couple of podcasts on YouTube. I’ve watched two of Joe Rogan’s podcasts (one featuring Katy Bowman and another Jordan Peterson), and my husband and I watch Norm MacDonald’s podcast regularly (of which a new season has just started, so I’m excited to get to that in September! He’s interviewing David Letterman, Rich! David Letterman!).

Hope your vacation continues to go well and you get settled back into the states. Welcome back!


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