Monthly Money Check: Penny Has Normal Spending, Abnormal Sleeping in October 2017

Dear Rich,

I apologize for not writing more. I have lots of thoughts in response to your last post, but I haven’t gotten around to writing them out yet. I’m not sleeping very well. Probably because of pregnancy. I go to sleep around 9:00 pm every night and wake up for the day at 3:00 am. I just can’t fall back asleep. And then I spend my days tired thinking about how and when and if I can get a nap in. So, that is my life right now.

I did put together my Monthly Spending Report, because that doesn’t require much thinking. (I realize that these are probably getting kind of repetitious and boring for you to look at, but I still like doing them.)

Not much to say. Pretty basic spending.

It’s been 3 months since I put together a Financial Worth update, and I know you probably like these better, so here’s what we look like now:

This is not much more than our financial worth was three months ago. This is because the equity in our house went down a little bit. (Zillow is saying it’s not worth as much as it was three months ago.) Aside from that, everything adjusted accordingly (and minimally).

Hope you’re doing well, cuz. I’ll try to write more when I get a chance / get more sleep.


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