Monthly Money Check: Penny Racked Up $98 In Birthday Freebies — March 2017

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Dear Rich,

In this month’s edition of There’s Always Something, we were hit with a $228 bill to repair the ignitor switch in our oven and we needed to get a new printer ($75). Boo! Darn these unexpected expenses!

Now, before I get into the nitty-gritty, I’d like to point out something that you might find amusing: We went to a fundraising event for the school my kids go to. In the past, these events have been for general school things. But this year, and we didn’t fully realize this until we got there, it was a fundraising event specifically for Tuition Assistance (which, being low-income, we already get from the school). So, when we went there, we were thinking about how we were paying money at this thing that would go to assist ourselves. I thought you would find this an interesting paradox, since you’re always picking on me for giving to charity and stuff. Ha ha, real funny stuff.

Anyway, back to business.

So, I was hoping to break the $2,000 mark in spending (before student loans), and let’s look at how I did:

As you can see, we didn’t do it.

For one thing, we had the oven repair and the printer. The entertainment expense was higher than usual, due to some concert tickets that were bought for a concert in the future. The restaurant expense was higher because I counted the school’s fundraiser thing as a restaurant expense since we ate there, plus we bought gift cards ($65 worth) for restaurants to be used in the future (that money also went to the school). Higher gift expenses than usual due to birthdays this month (mine and my daughter). We bought my daughter minimalist athletic shoes that cost $81 for her birthday, but I filed that under Clothing. (As you know, minimalist footwear is one of the few things that I value, so we spend more money than we normally would on stuff like that.)

And, well, there you have it. I’ll aim to get under $2,000 next month. I know we can do it one of these months.

Now, let’s talk about all the Birthday Freebies I got this month!

I sign up for eClubs that give away good birthday freebies. Here are the ones I utilized this year:

  • Free drink at Caribou
  • Free tickets to Acme Comedy Club
  • Free $10 session of Bingo (plus another free $10 session certificate to use later)
  • Free tickets to Comedy Sportz
  • Free sub and drink from Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • BOGO at Coldstone Creamery
  • Free burger at Red Cow

Just look at this burger, Rich. Just look at it:

Free birthday burger!

You can’t find a better freebie than that!

All of these freebies were worth $98. And here you thought I didn’t know how to manage money! I guess I showed you. Ha!

Here’s what my month looks like lined up with the rest of the year:

I guess that’s it.

How’d you do?



7 Replies to “Monthly Money Check: Penny Racked Up $98 In Birthday Freebies — March 2017”

    1. You live in Minneapolis too, right Erik? That burger can be yours! Just go to Red Cow and order the Cowboy. Better yet, sign up for their eClub and get it for free (and you’ll also get a free one for your birthday)! Also, feel free to take all of my birthday freebie recommendations, and get $98 worth of birthday freebies yourself! Comedy Sportz is awesome. Bingo is kind of disturbing. Acme is great. Jersey Mike’s is so delicious. Coldstone never disappoints. And who doesn’t like a free Caribou drink?
      Penny @ recently posted…Monthly Money Check: Penny Racked Up $98 In Birthday Freebies — March 2017My Profile

  1. I spent a lot more than I normally would this past month. My old laptop broke down, got a new one, dropped that in the ocean (whoops), then bought a new one. On top of that, I also bought an Apple Watch, which I find to be pretty useful on my runs.

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