Book Review: The Cozy Life — Penny Is A Hygge Expert

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Dear Rich,

I love that The Cozy Life has added a little bit of magic to your life! I have to say, when I was reading it, I was mostly patting myself on the back for already doing the majority of the things mentioned. I think it is a way of life that comes naturally to me. You could say I’m a hygge expert. It did inspire me to add glogg (mulled wine) to our Christmas celebration though. It’s those little comforts and special things in life that can add up to something transforming.

I think that hygge can come at any price point. It sounds like your expensive Greece vacation had a lot of it, but, then again, a less expensive excursion could have done the same thing. Money is not really the point.

Yes, of course I consider myself a minimalist.

And, in talking about thrift and frugality, I think the book was emphasizing the ability to have comfort and simple pleasures without needing to spend a lot of money on it. Like I said, I think it’s all the little things adding up to something special. Like the cinnamon in your coffee.

I think the definition of “community” is changing as well. And I’m not sure if I like where it is going. I think we are forming more and more online communities, and although that is fulfilling some sort of connection needs in us, it is a far cry from IRL relationships, and maybe even creates a false sense of connection. We can find communities wherever we go (like you have), but that can be hard for less social people (like me) to do. I feel most comfortable with people, friends or family, who I’ve known for awhile. New relationships are hard for me.


I love the changing of seasons! I can’t imagine living somewhere that I didn’t get to experience all four seasons. Life slows down in the winter. We spend more time inside and don’t see people as much. That’s why creating hygge is such a nice thing to do, and is kind of defined, by the winter months. We NEED that, otherwise, we’d all go stir crazy. Then, in spring, the world comes to life again, we get outside more, become more active. Summer is busy, busy, full of life. And fall begins the process of slowing down again. It’s a nice cycle. I like it. And I, too, go especially crazy with pumpkin flavored stuff in the fall. I make a different pumpkin meal every week, using the pumpkins that I grow in my garden (pumpkin chili, pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin enchiladas, you get the idea). It feels right, and cyclical, and very hygge-esque.

Here’s to continued growth of your hygge, Rich! As for me, I’ll just keep doing the same.



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